"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family
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"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family

At Aakriti, we like to plan your holiday before you even arrive if possible so that we, your hosts and you, our guests, can both be prepared.

We are quite happy to correspond with you via Email or Telephone and Skype calls and are happiest when we can go back and forth discussing options with you…

We have always found and experienced that Holidays tend to finish soon after they start and the entire holiday can go by you if you don’t decide what you want from it.

Keeping this in perspective we would like to showcase a sample of what the possibilities of things are at Aakriti.


Insight into Tea Growing

We will be happy to devote a day to the Tea Growing that happens all around us. We will walk you through a Tea plantation and show you how tea pluckers go about plucking tea. Then we can visit 2 types of tea factories.. one that produces tea in the Orthodox way and one that does it in the CTC way. Post that we can have an exclusive Tea Tasting Session wherein you can taste various speciality Nilgiri Teas.

Indian Vegetarian Home-Made Cooking Holidays which offers insights into Various Forms of Indian Cuisine You can learn from scratch how various Indian dishes are prepared in our Home Kitchen with a possibility of having Hands on experience if you like for you to take back home.

India Cultural Holidays which will give you an insight into the People of this Mountain Region and their way of life, their work, their habits, and even their religious outlooks. You will get to drive along and experience India Village Life and watch how the economy in this region works and how people from different tribes and cultures coexist in this diverse region.

India Nature Holidays including Wildlife Safari and Nature Walks. Together we will experience one of the Largest Biosphere Reserves in the world which encompasses 3 Indian States of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and home to The Indian Elephants , Indian Tiger, Indian Gaur, Malabar Squirrel and many forms of Deer and Birds including the Peacocks and Kingfishers as well as other diverse varieties of Indian Fauna .

How we like to plan your stay for you is to blend a bit of each of these aspects of a Holiday in every day of your stay.

Typically our recommendations of sights and sounds of the Mountains that are a must see and do are :

A Multitude of Nature walks which vary from walks through Indigenous Shola Forests, Pine Forests, Eucalyptus Forests and Wattle Forests.

A Ride aboard the Nilgiri Mountain Railway Steam Heritage Train which is now a World Heritage Site.

A visit to the Ooty Daily Farmers Market to see how wonderfully Modern Trade is integrated with Traditional Shop Keeping

A Walk or a Drive to the Fringes of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and then a Jeep Safari lasting 3 hours through the Biosphere Reserve to give you an opportunity to see Wild Animals in their Natural Habitat

These are just some of the suggestions that we would make to you and which we would take you to.

However, we like to work the itineraries for each day based on your Individual Tastes and Likes and Dislikes and stitch them around meal times which form an integral part of your stay with us. 

Thus please feel free to let us know what you are expecting from your holiday so that we can make it as relaxing and informative as you would like your holiday to be…. And for those of you who subscribe to this form of holidaying, you will find options available to you for longer stays too as you read on…


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