"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family
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"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family

Aakriti  is a unique concept in Individual Inbound Tourism to India. As most of you are aware, India is a country which is constantly changing and evolving and the Tourism sector has grown immensely in the last couple of years.

Aakriti evolved from experiences that we have had when we individually had traveled to foreign and unfamiliar lands. We have always felt comfortable when we have had friends or families who have taken us around their country of residence and we have felt enriched by the experience of seeing the country through their eyes and insights.

On the flip side we have had many holidays where we have been with Booked Hotels and Guide Books or even Locally Certified Guides and the experiences when compared were simply incomparable…..

All the members of our family have been in different parts of the world and at different points of our lives. We believe that the insight that we can offer on India, given the knowledge that we have of other countries, is incomparable and we believe this to be our USP.

What we also believe very strongly is that India has so much to offer and so much for you to take in when you travel to it. There are a lot of things that can go unexplained. To avoid this, we have deliberately chosen to work on our activities in such a way that one of your hosts are always with you to showcase our mountain region. We make it a point to highlight the local people and their way of life, the way the economy functions and sustains itself, as well as educate our visitors about the ecology of our region.

Keeping this in mind, we started ExporIndya http://www.explorindya.com and Aakriti wherein we have limited the number of people we would like to have at any given time at our Home to 6 people so that we can focus on providing undiluted time and energy to our guests in the form of various services that we offer at our home.

Our philosophy at Aakriti is one which is also unique because we don’t charge you for your stay here with us. We charge you for the services that we, your Hosts provide to you while you are here and for our exclusive time that we give to you during the course of your stay….

We recommend a minimum length of stay of 5 days. This we feel is an ideal amount of time for you to spend here if you want to get to know our immediate area as well as to get a good feel of the culture and the people of our region.

There are a host of Activities that you can do when you are here with us and you can find these as you read on ….


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